Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland.  You should never feel deprived or that you are missing out on something.  Food these days has become overly convenient and unhealthful.  Everyone is in such a rush and with today’s modern technolgy and conveniences people are often too busy to really think about what they are actually eating.  When we go shopping we impulsivly buy what the grocery stores want us to buy.  We are so used to “ready made” food that looks appealing but is loaded with preservitives, fats, salt & chemicals.

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Whatever happened to plain, good eating?

I think fresh food is making a come back.  I like to think of healthy eating as eating cleanly.  This simply means getting back to the basics.  Eating single item foods rather than foods loaded with “other things”.  Have you ever looked at the ingredient lists on pre-packaged foods?  Try looking at a simple “low fat” frozen stir fry dinner.  They can be costly, but even worse, try reading the ingredient list on the back of the box.  I can’t even pronounce most of the ingredients.  And check out the salt content?  Staggering!  Wouldn’t it be great to have the same meal made with fresh ingredients, no preservitives and have control over fat, salt, sugar & flavor content?

Free  Nutritional Guidance

When you book your first  personal fitness training session with me, you will receive a FREE nutrition guide and food log to help  keep you on track with your diet. It is imperative to eat properly to achieve  your fitness goals, whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

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